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Discover what you need to know about Facebook Messenger Events..
The Car Dealership Money-Maker
What is it?
Messenger events are designed to generate appointments in a limited time. It’s like a mail sale on Facebook. It’s ideal for a dealer who wants to have a big weekend, week, or month. We run paid messenger Ads to Textonix BDC and our team manages the comments and messages, converting them to appointments or live transfers. 

Real Results
We consistently see 10X ROI from our Facebook Messenger Events. Above are three of the many case studies we have from satisfied clients. If you would like to see more information on this event, or even more results then schedule your demo today.
Hear What Our Clients Are Saying 
How Soon Can You Get Started?
We can get this campaign up and running for your dealership in just 7 days! 
Learn how you can get a huge bump in car sales in a short period of time by clicking the button below to schedule your demo today.
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