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Confirmed appointments sell more cars.
How you can turn your leads into Substantially  More confirmed appointments.

the Most Powerful Lead Conversion Tool Ever.

Everybody already has more leads than they can handle. The problem isn't generating more leads, it's converting leads to confirmed appointments.
We Saw A Need In The Industry And Decided To Solve The Problem. Forget VDP views, time on page, Or any other Confusing Metrics. We Convert Leads To Confirmed Appointments. Period.
We convert leads by handling all the work for you and your salesmen. You won't have to waste time following up, calling bad leads, or sending endless emails/texts. We handle the labor for you and send you the baby.
A picture is worth a thousand words, right? textonix works by Endlessly following up to convert leads to confirmed appointments
our system follows-up until the customer buys, dies, or opts-out. This is Angela, she bought a car after 4 months of text messages. Check out her story below.
Angela entered into ouy system as a lead on march 2nd 2019.  As you know, Not every lead is ready to purchase right away.
We Persisted where most salesmen would give up. Her total conversation has over 301 text messages.
After 4 months of following-Up Angela Ended with a positive customer experience. She bought the car she loved on July 2nd, 2019.
Free your employees from chasing leads and Let them spend their time only working appointments. Let textonix handle the work for you. schedule a demo today!
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